Create a Workout Group

Join the Group HIIT community and take your fitness to the next level. Group HIIT programs are design with groups in mind. The most equipment you will need is a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat. Invite a friend and follow a program together. 

Increase Your Chances of Success

A Stanford University study showed that receiving a check-in phone call every two weeks from someone that asked about their progress increased the amount of exercise participants did by 78% on average. We've found that working out with coworkers and friends is more enjoyable and increases the overall success of individuals sticking to the schedule.

How to Get Started

  1. Find a group of friends, coworkers or family members that will commit to finishing a program with you.
  2. Choose a program to follow. 
  3. Each person or household will subscribe to a plan and have their own unique login. 
  4. Choose a group leader. This person will remind the group about workouts and keep everyone accountable for their commitment. You can start a Facebook group, group text, or email list to remind your group. 
  5. Decide how many workouts you will do together each week. There are 4 workouts per week. We recommend doing at least 2 together. This means getting together or starting at the same time from your own house.
  6. Start your workouts!

Workout from home and check in with your group to make sure everyone stays on track.

Ready to start your workouts? 

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