Group HIIT

Free 60 Day Memberships

Group HIIT is offering free 60-day memberships to families and individuals seeking to stay active during the coronavirus pandemic. Members have unlimited access to an online library of 300+ workouts which includes yoga practices and day by day programs designed for adults and children. The workouts are 5-30 minutes long and require little to no equipment so families can get started immediately, right from home.

What's Included:

Offer Details:

To get started, click "create account" below. Your 60 day membership begins the day of sign-up.

Your credit card will not be automatically charged at the end of the 60-day free period. If you would like to extend your membership, you will be able to switch to a paid plan at that time. The monthly fee is $7.99/mo.

We encourage you to share this offer and follow a program with friends and family even if you do not live together. This will help you feel less isolated, more accountable and it's also more fun that way! 

How It Works

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Work Out Together or Alone.

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