Popular Online Fitness Business Offering Free 60-Day Memberships to New Mexico Families During Coronavirus Pandemic

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ALBUQUERQUE – To support the thousands of New Mexico families staying home to reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Albuquerque-based Group HIIT today announced it is offering free 60-day subscriptions to its fitness website to help New Mexicans stay active during the pandemic. 

Group HIIT co-owner Marlena Shirley said new users will have unlimited access to an online library of more than 300 workouts, including yoga and day-by-day programs designed for individuals, families and children. The workouts require little to no equipment so families can get started immediately, right from home. 

“At a time when anxieties are high and families are being told to stay home, we can offer some relief by keeping people active,” Shirley said. “It’s no secret that exercise contributes to improved physical and emotional well-being.”

Since its launch in 2015, Group HIIT has amassed a growing global audience with website members as well as YouTube subscribers. To date Group HIIT’s YouTube channel has more than 167,000 subscribers, and users complete more than 1.9 million minutes of Group HIIT workouts every month.

To stem the person-to-person spread of COVID-19, federal, state and local officials have implemented social distancing policies and guidelines. Last week, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered all public schools closed until April 3. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised avoiding gatherings of 10 or more people, and the state Department of Health has issued restrictions for public places, such as restaurants and bars. Many gyms and fitness centers in New Mexico have made the difficult decision to close their doors for weeks to support social distancing. Along with many local governments, many businesses have sent home non-essential employees indefinitely.

“The data are clear – social distancing works,” Group HIIT co-owner Amelia Guzmán, a registered nurse, said. “We are pleased to see our local governments taking action and community members taking social distancing recommendations seriously. This period of social-distancing and isolation presents an opportunity for individuals to establish a new exercise routine and has the potential to spark motivation for sustained exercise habits in the future.”

Shirley said at-home exercise, even during a period of government-advised social distancing, does not have to feel isolating.

“We encourage users to follow a program with friends or family members, even if they do not live together,” Shirley said. “Working out on the same day from their respective homes provides a feeling of connectedness and increases motivation to reach fitness goals.”

Group HIIT’s free-access offer provides families a substitute fitness program for which they depended on their schools or gyms. With workouts for all levels, Group HIIT also serves as a resource for anyone who would like to start a new fitness routine with the extra downtime. There has been a recent increase in searches and online conversations related to home workouts, as well as parents looking for indoor activities for their children. Group HIIT has also observed increased traffic from educational institutions across the world directing students to their workouts to fill in for physical education sessions missed due to school closures.

Families and individuals looking to start a free 60-day membership are encouraged to go to www.grouphiit.com/stayhome to get started. In addition to the programs available on its website, Group HIIT regularly posts workouts, inspiration and tips on Instagram and Facebook.


For more information contact marlena@grouphiit.com.

About Group HIIT 

Group HIIT is a women-owned business founded in 2015 by Marlena Shirley and Amelia Guzmán. Marlena has 10 years of experience in project management, web-based software, and online-advertising strategies. Amelia is a registered nurse and certified personal trainer with experience in software development. The skill sets of the two make them a powerful team. 

Group HIIT provides online workouts that users can enjoy together. The unique style of Group HIIT’s videos creates a workout experience unlike typical fitness brands. The videos have a high-quality interface and no sounds other than a timer beep which means users can play their own music or watch TV while working out. No more half-dressed trainers shouting to do one more rep to look like them. Models are fully dressed and look like everyday people (because they are!) in order to foster inclusivity and make the videos safe for work and home. Workouts can be completed in under 30 minutes and provide effective results for building strength, muscle tone and losing weight. More than 1.9 million minutes of Group HIIT workouts are completed every month worldwide. This includes a growing global audience of 167,000 subscribers on Group HIIT’s YouTube channel and online members who subscribe to the complete library of workouts. 

The popularity of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts has exploded in recent years due to the dramatic results in weight loss and conditioning that are achievable with short, time-efficient workouts. HIIT workouts are completed by performing a movement at high intensity for a time interval, then resting during a recovery interval. Research has shown that benefits include weight loss, belly-fat loss, cardiovascular-health improvements, and reduced symptoms of arthritis and Type 2 diabetes. Group HIIT is committed to providing family and work-friendly workouts that are affordable and effective. 

By promoting fitness with online videos, Group HIIT addresses the following problems people face when incorporating fitness into their routine: cost of a gym membership, time constraints, lack of knowledge needed to create effective workout routines, intimidation, and boredom or lack of enjoyment from exercise. Group HIIT believes that following workout programs with peers increases accountability and reinforces healthy habits, making long-term fitness a reality. 


Photo provided by Skyclops Aerial of Albuquerque.