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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Is your number one goal to lose weight? It's the number one goal of our Group HIITers so we built this just for you! This challenge is tough but you'll love the results. The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge is completely different than our other programs and has 5 workouts per week. The workouts have fast paced timers that keep your heart rate up and keep you burning calories. If you like to get the most calorie burn in a 20 minute workout as possible, then this is the program for you. You can burn 200-400 calories with one 20 minute workout in this program. 

This program requires a set of dumbbells. We recommend 8-20lbs depending on your strength level. You can use heavier weights to increase intensity on any movement.

Unique Workouts Every Day of the Week

The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge is tough from the start! Unlike our other programs that focus on upper body / lower body / full body workouts, this challenge is all about getting your heart rate up and increasing core strength to reduce fat and overall strength.

There are five types of workouts each week:

  1. Monday - Fat Burner
    These workouts have 5 to 6 body weight movements that get your heart rate up. The main focus of these workouts are plyometric movements but you'll also see strength movements like asymmetrical push-ups. Focus on form and get as many reps in as you can.
  2. Tuesday - Cardio
    Choose from any Burn Cardio workout. You choose how hard you want to go.
  3. Wednesday - Strength 
    Strength workouts are all weighted and hit your entire body. 
  4. Thursday - Endurance
    The endurance workouts have 4 movements back to back with a 60 second rest at the end of each round. Complete as many reps as you can and test your endurance.
  5. Friday - Core & Stabilization 
  6. Saturday - Restore / Yoga
    Try one of our yoga videos to improve flexibility and restore your muscles.

Fast Paced Timers to Blast Fat

We increased the intensity of the workouts in this challenge with timers that include 3 to 4 movements back to back and then a rest period. If you get bored easily while working out, then you will love the style of these workouts. 

Easy to Follow Videos

Our workout videos follow a standard format that previews the upcoming exercise then displays it while you workout. The video has a timer for the interval, a total workout timer and a counter for each round of the workout. The only sound within the video is a timer beep which makes them enjoyable and less intrusive. You can play your own music, play music from one of our playlists provided on the page or even watch TV while working out.

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