Blaze Fit Advanced HIIT Program

Challenge yourself with Group HIIT's hardest comprehensive 8-week program! Blaze Fit is designed for people looking to step up the intensity of their workouts or advanced gym-goers looking to incorporate high-intensity interval training to their routine.  Each workout in this program can be accomplished in under 30 minutes with nothing but two dumbbells. This is our hardest program with challenging formats and advanced movements. 

This program requires one set of dumbbells.
We recommend 8-20 lbs depending on your strength level.

Blaze Fit Reviews


Loving these workouts! They are a great way to sweat and still have time to accomplish everything on my to do list. After debating joining a gym or online program, I'm really pleased that I found this.

– Ciara

Another great workout! I really loved this total body workout. I am sweaty and burning in all the right places. I wish I could give this 10 stars.

– Tasha

I did it! It was great. Very hard, but I finished it! Can't wait to do the next ones.

– Gabriela

What a great workout. My arms were definitely burning the whole time. I am super excited to check out the rest of the workouts on this program!

Los Angeles, CA
Continuously Challenging

Blaze Fit is tough from the start and straight through the 8 weeks. This energizing program debuts a variety of unique timers and advanced movements, arranged strategically to ensure you get the best results. Blaze Fit includes five mandatory workouts per week divided into four categories: Upper Body, Cardio (You Choose), Lower Body, Cardio & Abs, and Full Body.

Blaze Fit Advanced HIIT Program
Advanced HIIT Program with Weights
32 Unique Workouts

Nobody enjoys monotony which is why every Group HIIT workout is unique. With 5-12 movements in each workout, this program packs in variety and a big challenge. Blaze Fit maximizes hypertrophy and calorie burn by incorporating strength-building, plyometric, conditioning and stability movements with back to back intervals. This workouts are longer and more intense, so get ready to sweat!

150 Unique Movements

Weight-lifting is one way to promote muscle growth, but explosive plyometric movements also contribute by challenging your muscles to exert the highest amount of force possible. Balance and stability movements improve the communication between your brain and your muscles, increasing musculoskeletal efficiency and decreasing the risk of future injuries. Conditioning exercises are mixed in to keep your heart rate high and maximize fat-burn.

Effective HIIT Movements
Circuit Training HIIT Timers

These workouts have circuits that hit muscle groups in back to back intervals. The format has 5-12 movements total movements per workout. The movements are grouped into circuits that are completed anywhere from 2 to 8 times. This challenge also includes some tabata workouts!

Cardio Tuesdays

Each Tuesday is for cardio. You get to choose what you enjoy most. For example, take a walk, run or play a sport! If you love HIIT cardio, then you can choose from our Burn Cardio workout library of 30+ (and always growing!) videos for all levels. These maximize calorie burn with seriously intense cardio movements.

Intense Ab Workouts

Add 1-2 ab workouts to your routine each week. Choose from 30+ (and always growing!) Ignite Abs workouts for all levels. Keep up with these to improve muscle definition and core strength.

Restore Saturdays

Stretching is a key element to safely improving your fitness level. Restore muscles with Yoga and mobility movements. Our growing library of short Yoga practices are great for after your workouts or on Saturdays. Yoga may also help relieve stress and anxiety.

Why Group HIIT Workouts?

Fast, Effective Workouts

Research shows that HIIT burns more subcutaneous fat than low-intensity cardio training such as jogging. With Group HIT Workouts, you'll reach your VO2 Max heart rate zone to burn calories and fat. Additionally, high-intensity interval training has been shown to yield higher excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which means you'll still be burning calories long after your workout has ended. 

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Workout Anywhere, Together!

Group HIIT believes that fitness routines should be accessible and sustainable. Working out together encourages you to push harder and doubles your chances of sticking with the program. Work out together or follow a program together from each home.

How to get Started

Easy to Follow Videos

Our workout videos follow a standard format that previews the upcoming exercise then displays it while you work out. There is a timer for the interval, a total workout timer and a counter for each round of the workout. The only sound within the video is a timer beep. Play one of our playlists or watch TV while working out.

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