Group HIIT

Rocket Fit - 3 Week Kids Program

The best way to get your child moving is to exercise with them! These workouts feature effective, but technically simple, movements to keep exercise safe and fun. Our kids workouts are roughly 10 minutes long to satisfy even the shortest attention span. The program is recommended for ages 8-16 years old. 

In the Group HIIT spirit of exercising in groups, we made sure that Rocket Fit workouts are fun and effective for children, adults and everyone in between to make it convenient for families to get fit together. Follow Rocket Fit at home or anywhere else, like a park or backyard.  
No equipment required!

Workout Reviews

I am 9 and I did this with my mom and 8 year old brother. It was fun!

– Aspen

At the beginning of the summer, I was 16lbs heavier. :)

– Logan

What's Rocket Fit Like?

Continuous Progression

Rocket Fit teaches kids fundamental bodyweight movements that can be performed anywhere. These movements improve endurance, strength and stability. The program has a slight progression over the 3 weeks. There are four types of workouts each week: Upper Body & Abs, Cardio (You Choose), Lower Body & Abs, and Full Body & Abs.

9 Unique Workouts

Every workout is different! The variety helps keep kids from getting bored and also helps them discover movements they enjoy doing! Workouts are perfect for families that want to exercise together. They are effective for all ages.

25 Movements

We've chosen fundamental movements that are easy to master, and build a foundation for kids to eventually try more challenging workouts in the future.

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