21 Day Glute Challenge

21 Day Glute Challenge

Are you ready to give your glutes the attention they deserve? The gluteal muscles are not just for looks, they are also essential for overall body stability and movement. Strengthening your glutes is key to improving your posture, balance, and overall strength. With continuous training, you can increase the size and improve the shape of your glutes. Repeat this challenge to continue making progress. Learn more about the challenge.

This program requires a set of dumbbells, resistance band and a chair, bench or couch. We recommend 8-30 lbs depending on your strength level. You can use heavier weights to increase intensity.

There are five workouts each week, plus one yoga practice:

  1. Monday - Glutes
  2. Tuesday - Cardio
  3. Wednesday - Glutes
  4. Thursday - Glutes
  5. Friday - Glutes
  6. Saturday - Yoga
  7. Sunday - Rest

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