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Are you looking for a fitness app on Roku? Getting started is easy. Sign-up for a free trial on our website then add the channel on Roku. Your login is the same for both platforms. Free trials automatically roll over into a paid membership at $12.99/mo. Cancel anytime and receive access until the end of the payment period or free trial.

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Workouts are organized in a similar way to the website. Browse workouts or follow a program. 

✓ Free Workouts - No log in required on app

✓ Unlimited Access to 600+ Workouts with a Group HIIT subscription

✓ Continue Watching - View how far a video was played

✓ Workouts Completed - Get a checkmark on each video you complete

✓ Single Log In -  Use the same login/account on the website and Roku channel

Which Workouts Are Available on Roku?

The same workouts are available on our website and Roku channel. Free workouts are still free. To access all of our 600+ workouts, sign up for a membership. You can also purchase your membership directly from our Roku channel.

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Why use Roku?

Roku is a convenient way to access our workouts on a TV. This makes it easy to work out in a group, in your home or even when you are traveling. 

Great for:

✓ At Home Workouts

✓ Physical Education Class - each school subscription comes with one Roku account. 

Office Workouts - add a Roku to a conference room TV or office gymnasium TV.

Hotel Gyms

✓ Hotel Rooms - take your Roku with you! Plug Roku into any TV with HDMI. Your phone can be used as a remote. 

✓ Gyms - interested in licensing Group HIIT for your group classes or gym members? Contact us to get started.


Workouts are quiet so you can play your own music on another device and bluetooth speaker. Our SoundCloud playlists can be accessed from any browser or the SoundCloud app by going to

What is Roku?

Roku is a connected TV device and is also built into some TVs. It is similar to Apple TV and Fire TV.  Roku allows you to access most major streaming services on your TV and much more. Roku devices can be purchased for as little as $29.99. The device plugs into your TV via HDMI. 

Members - How to Log In Using Your Account

Roku is included with your membership. Use your email and password to sign into the Group HIIT Roku channel.  

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