30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge

30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge

This is an advanced level program designed for people that are looking for an intense challenge. Every day is a full body workout and equipment is optional. The program includes movements that have dumbbells and resistance bands but can be done without them. Increase the weight to increase intensity. While the focus of this program is to increase power through explosive movements, strength training is also mixed in to give you the best of both worlds. Learn more about the program.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Friday - Full Body Workout, Tuesday - Cardio, Thursday & Saturday - Rest, Sunday - Restore/Yoga

Pace: Work on perfecting your form for each movement and then complete as many reps as possible within the interval.

Intensity: Increase intensity by adding weight. 

Equipment: Dumbbells and Resistance Band optional. We recommend a minimum of 8lbs-20lbs dumbbells which will be used for lower body and core movements.

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