Group HIIT

Ways to Watch

Options to play your workout videos.

Access Group HIIT from any mobile device or computer. You can even stream workouts to your TV. Let us know if you need any assistance getting setup. 

    Watch Workouts on a Phone or Tablet

    You can watch the workouts by going to on your mobile browser.

    Option 1: Phone Only 

    1. Open your mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, etc)
    2. Type in into the browser bar. Login and go to your program page.

    Option 2: Phone + Music

    If you would like to listen to music, offers playlists on every workout page. Press play on any song in the playlist then play your workout video and both will play together.

    You can also use a Chromecast device to cast the workout onto your TV while you play music on your phone and visa versa.

    Option 3: Phone + TV

    Set your phone up next to your TV. Follow your workout while you watch your favorite show or sporting event.

    Watch Workouts on a TV

    Option 1: iPhone to Apple TV

    Stream your phone screen using AirPlay.

    Option 2: Mirror Android screen to TV using a Chromecast

    Option 3: Mirror Android screen to TV using a Roku device. Follow these directions.

    Option 4: Computer to TV

    There are a few ways to show your computer screen on a TV. The easiest way is using a Chromecast. You can also hook up an HDMI or VGA cable from your computer to TV and use it as a dual screen.

    Watch Workouts on a Computer

    Go to a browser on your computer and go to Play your workout. You can also play music from your computer while watching the workout.