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Scorch Fit Low Impact Strength

Scorch Fit is a low impact strength program for people that want to focus on gaining muscle. Low impact does not mean easy! Scorch Fit follows a push/pull/legs/core framework to hit each and every muscle in the body, increasing functional mobility and overall strength. This makes it great for people at intermediate to advanced levels that enjoy resistance training. Using dumbbells and resistance bands, the movements will create a deep, targeted burn for a balanced physique.

Do you love working out at home but live in an upstairs apartment?  Do you skip your home workouts because you're afraid to wake your sleeping baby?  This program is perfect for you!  We know that most of our users do Group HIIT workouts at home and wanted to create a low impact program to address all of these potential barriers.

Equipment: 2-3 sets of Dumbbells, Loop Resistance Band


I just finished the Scorch Fit 6-week program, and loved it! I feel noticeably stronger, especially my core. I was worried about not being able to keep up with my regular fitness routine with gyms closed during the pandemic, and this program was exactly what I needed. The 15-30 minute sessions don’t feel intimidating, and are easy to do with only a set of weights. Looking forward to trying out Flash Fit next.

– Jessica

Good workout, not too demanding but great to feel quads, hamstrings and glutes burning.

– Rafael

Increase Strength With Scorch Fit

Intense Strength Training

Scorch Fit is a resistance training program with intermediate to advanced level workouts. The workouts are continuously challenging throughout the 6 weeks but start with a slightly lighter week to get started. This program follows a popular gym workout split that targets upper body "push" muscles, upper body "pull" muscles, legs and core.

24 Unique Workouts

Never get bored! Every workout is different which will keep your muscles guessing and workout interesting. The workouts are 18-27 minutes long. The movements are carefully coordinated to focus on targeted muscle groups each day. Hit every muscle group and build a balanced physique.

Low Impact Movements

There's no jumping in Scorch Fit! Using bodyweight, weighted and resistance band movements, these workouts will create a deep muscle burn. The focus of this program is to build muscle so don't be afraid to use heavier weights to step up the resistance and push yourself whenever possible!

Circuit Training Timers

These workouts have circuits that target muscle groups within each workout. The format has 5-12 movements total movements per workout. The movements are grouped into circuits that are completed anywhere from 2 to 8 times. This program also includes some tabata workouts and classic HIIT timers with multiple rounds.

Cardio Tuesdays

Each Tuesday is for cardio. You get to choose what you enjoy most. For example, take a walk, run or play a sport! If you love HIIT cardio, then you can choose from our Burn Cardio workout library of 30+ (and always growing!) videos for all levels. These maximize calorie burn with seriously intense cardio movements.

Intense Ab Workouts

Add 1-2 ab workouts to your routine each week. Choose from 30+ (and always growing!) Ignite Abs workouts for all levels. Keep up with these to improve muscle definition and core strength.

Restore Saturdays

Stretching is a key element to safely improving your fitness level. Restore muscles with Yoga and mobility movements. Yoga may also help relieve stress and anxiety. Our growing library of short Yoga practices are great for after your workouts or on Saturdays.


Vo2 Max HIIT Workouts Target Heart Rate

Fast, Effective Workouts

Research shows that HIIT burns more subcutaneous fat than low-intensity cardio training such as jogging. With Group HIT Workouts, fat burning exercise zones. Additionally, high-intensity interval training has been shown to yield higher excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which means you'll still be burning calories long after your workout has ended. 

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Workout Anywhere, Together!

Group HIIT believes that fitness routines should be accessible and sustainable. Working out together encourages you to push harder and doubles your chances of sticking with the program. Work out together or follow a program together from each home.

How to Get Started

Easy to Follow Videos

Our workout videos follow a standard format that previews the upcoming exercise then displays it while you work out. There is a timer for the interval, a total workout timer and a counter for each round of the workout. The only sound within the video is a timer beep. Play one of our playlists or watch TV while working out.

Ways to Watch Videos

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