30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge

This is an advanced level program designed for people that are looking for an intense challenge. Every day is a full body workout and equipment is optional. The program includes movements that have dumbbells and resistance bands but can be done without them. Increase the weight to increase intensity.  If you like to push yourself with intense cardio workouts, then you’ll love this program.

Equipment is optional with this program.
Dumbbells and resistance bands are recommended but this program is still intense with no equipment. We recommend a minimum of 8-20lb dumbbells depending on your strength level. They will mostly be used on lower body and ab movements.

30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge Reviews


I am ABSOLUTELY enjoying the workouts, my sleep and energy level have improved dramatically! Thank yo

– Egheosa

Good overall workout. Breathless and sweaty at the end.It's short too so that's a plus.

– PS

This workout straight up kills me every time, in a good way. if you want your legs and arms to be wobbly after, this is the workout for you!

– Shannon
Intense HIIT Cardio

Every day is a full body day. This program is like icing on the cake. If you’re feeling strong and want to push yourself with cardiovascular endurance while maintaining your gains, then this will take you to the next level. If you are athletic and need to get back into shape to prepare for another program, this could be for you too. The 30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge has three full body workouts plus one Burn Cardio workout (You Choose) per week. Mix in Ignite Abs or other body focus workouts to build strength in target areas.

Advanced HIIT Program with Weights
12 Unique Workouts

Look forward to each workout without dreading boredom. With 8-12 movements in each workout, this program packs in variety while hitting muscle groups across the body. The mix of bodyweight and cardio movements ensure you feel like you got a full workout in under 30 minutes. These workouts are longer (on average) than our other programs.

100 Unique Movements

Equipment is optional but recommended to increase difficulty. Weight-lifting is only one way to promote muscle growth. Including explosive plyometric movements in your regimen challenges your muscles to exert the highest amount of force possible. While the focus of this program is to increase power through explosive movements, strength training is also mixed in to give you the best of both worlds. These powerful bursts of movement help to condition the body by maintaining increased heart rate and maximizing fat-burn more than any other program. Through this program you’ll progress in areas of conditioning, strength and balance that will improve your performance in all other athletic pursuits, such as running, biking, and weight lifting.

Effective HIIT Movements
Circuit Training HIIT Timers

These workouts have circuits that hit muscle groups in back to back intervals. The format has 8-12 movements total movements per workout. The movements are grouped into circuits that are completed 2-3 rounds. This challenge also includes some classic HIIT timers with multiple rounds of one circuit.

Cardio Tuesdays

Each Tuesday is for cardio. You get to choose what you enjoy most. For example, take a walk, run or play a sport! If you love HIIT cardio, then you can choose from our Burn Cardio workout library of 30+ (and always growing!) videos for all levels. These maximize calorie burn with seriously intense cardio movements.

Intense Ab Workouts

Add 1-2 ab workouts to your routine each week. Choose from 30+ (and always growing!) Ignite Abs workouts for all levels. Keep up with these to improve muscle definition and core strength.

Restore Saturdays

Stretching is a key element to safely improving your fitness level. Restore muscles with Yoga and mobility movements. Our growing library of short Yoga practices are great for after your workouts or on Saturdays. Yoga may also help relieve stress and anxiety.

Why Group HIIT Workouts?

Fast, Effective Workouts

Research shows that HIIT burns more subcutaneous fat than low-intensity cardio training such as jogging. With Group HIT Workouts, you'll reach your VO2 Max heart rate zone to burn calories and fat. Additionally, high-intensity interval training has been shown to yield higher excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which means you'll still be burning calories long after your workout has ended. 

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Workout Anywhere, Together!

Group HIIT believes that fitness routines should be accessible and sustainable. Working out together encourages you to push harder and doubles your chances of sticking with the program. Work out together or follow a program together from each home.

How to get Started

Easy to Follow Videos

Our workout videos follow a standard format that previews the upcoming exercise then displays it while you work out. There is a timer for the interval, a total workout timer and a counter for each round of the workout. The only sound within the video is a timer beep. Play one of our playlists or watch TV while working out.

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