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There are Two Ways to Join Group HIIT.

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Create an Individual Account

Join as an individual and follow a program from home. This account is for people that want to work out alone or with others in their household.

$7.99/mo or $87.89/yr

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Create a Group Account

Group accounts are great for employers, schools, or any group that has an account manager responsible for payments.

$24.99/mo + $5/mo/user

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Everything You Need for Total Body Fitness

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a workout format with alternating exercise and rest intervals. Evidence based studies continually show they are highly effective at burning belly fat as well as improving conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Our programs use strength building body weight movements that engage every muscle in your body. Start seeing and feeling results within weeks.

What is HIIT? Benefits of HIIT

Why Group HIIT?

HIIT Intervals

Quiet, Easy to Follow Online Videos

Group HIIT videos are unique because they are a quiet and non-invasive for a home or work setting. Stream workouts on a phone, tablet, computer or to a TV.

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Play Your Own Music or Watch TV

Play your own music or one of our playlists located on each page. You can also try working out while watching TV.

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Direct Contact with a Trainer

Do you have questions on our programs or need specific advice? Amelia earned a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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What's Included with Membership

Programs for All Levels

Access all of our programs with a membership. Our programs follow a day by day schedule so you don’t have to think about what’s next. Do you hate going to the gym because you don’t know what to do to get in shape? Then work out at home and start seeing results. Membership includes Ignite Abs, Burn Cardio, Yoga and body focus workouts.

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Body Focus Workouts

Our programs have at least one cardio day and require 2-3 body focus workouts per week that can be added on to any workout. The body focus workouts target specific goals like losing weight, defining abs and toning up specific muscle groups.

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Calendar Downloads

Track your progress with a downloadable calendar. Keep yourself motivated by looking back at your accomplishments. Calendars are available for: Flash Fit, Spark Fit, 30 Day HIIT Challenge, 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Nutrition Guide

Learn how to balance your meals so you aren’t undermining your hard work. Download our nutrition guide for recommended servings and guidance on how to track your macros. Check our nutrition pages for recipe ideas and send us your recipes to share. We post recipe ideas on Pinterest to inspire healthy meal choices.