Group HIIT

Body Focus Workouts

Body focus workouts target specific goals and can be mixed in with your program workouts. 

Muscle Groups - Glutes & Thighs, Biceps & Triceps, Back & Shoulders

We offer free body focus workouts for different muscle groups to add a little extra umph in those areas. You can add up to 2 of these workouts each week to improve different body focus areas. Body focus workouts are usually 5-15 minutes long and can be added on to your regular program workouts or be completed on their own. 


Stretching is critical to preventing injury and improving overall fitness. Members have access to yoga practices for restoration and improving flexibility.

Abs & Cardio Body Focus Workouts

Ignite Abs and Burn Cardio programs are included with a membership. Add 2-3 of these workouts throughout your week to burn more calories and define your ab muscles.

Ignite Abs - Workouts for a 6 Pack

If you are looking for a defined core, these workouts are for you! Top off your workouts on Mondays and Wednesdays to feel extra sore in your core. Rotate through each of the workouts to hit your abs at every angle. 

Burn Cardio - Workouts for Weight Loss

Our programs have one or two designated "Cardio Days" on which you can walk, run or complete a Burn Cardio workout. If you are looking to burn extra calories, we recommend our cardio HIIT workouts that focus specifically on intense cardio movements that get your heart rate up to burn more calories.




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