Why It Works

We carefully designed our programs to train anyone that is willing to commit. Choose what level of effort you want and you have all the tools to reach your goals. Our programs are designed to increase strength, improve muscle tone, improve endurance and burn fat. Every workout is unique which keeps your muscles guessing and your routine from getting boring!

Our Philosophy

Group HIIT is determined to provide programs that are sustainable, fun and challenging. It’s easy to feel intimidated by fitness and have no idea how to get started. You have found the answer and we’re excited you are here. We make our programs as easy as possible to follow and commit to. Login from any device and complete your workout from home or work. Get started with no equipment and add a mat, set of dumbbells and/or a resistance band depending on the program. 

Burn Fat Fast

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most popular and effective forms of exercise for fat loss and evidence based studies continually show they are highly effective at burning fat. Our workouts involve short bursts of exercise at maximum effort. The exercise intervals get your heart rate up and increase the amount of oxygen your muscles use and therefore burns calories fast. After each work interval, you recover for an interval which brings your heart rate down and allows your muscles to rest. These bursts of exercise are shown to create the after burn effect which keeps your muscles burning calories for up to 24 hours after your workout.

What is HIIT?

Build Strength & Endurance

Our programs use strength building body weight movements that engage every muscle in your body. If you are looking for weight training, we recommend Flash Fit which incorporates two dumbbells and weighted movements as well. Within a few weeks of Group HIIT workouts, you should notice an increase in strength and tone. Every workout includes cardio intense movements that get your heart rate up. Every week you should notice your endurance gradually improving as you work through the intervals.

Our HIIT Programs