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On-demand classes built with families, friends and co-workers in mind. Easy to modify for mixed groups and great for shared spaces like living rooms and office spaces.

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Why People Love Group HIIT Workouts

We create workout classes that are short but effective, so they become a sustainable habit. Our quiet videos, textual exercise tips, and ability to play your own music create an experience you look forward to. Follow along to 30+ models that are fully dressed, with a variety of body types so you can focus on your form, not someone else's abs.

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HIIT Delivers Results

Backed by peer-reviewed studies, HIIT has demonstrated effectiveness in improving cardiovascular health, metabolic function, and reducing the risk of conditions such as diabetes, obesity and more! Even as little as 1 minute workout snacks can improve your health!

Choose a program or create your own with hundreds of Freestyle Fit classes.

HIIT Programs for All Levels

30 Day HIIT Challenge

This HIIT program is suitable for all skill levels because it starts out with basic movements and incorporates more complex movements over time.

Good for: Coworkers, Athletes, Families, Mixed Fitness Level Groups

Learn About The 30 Day HIIT Challenge

Blaze Fit Advanced Program

Blaze Fit is a HIIT program designed for people looking to step up the intensity of their workouts or advanced gym-goers looking to incorporate high-intensity interval training to their routine

Learn About Blaze Fit

30 Day Full Body HIIT Challenge

This HIIT program is suitable for advanced levels. The movements are advanced and the workouts are longer. Every day is a full body workout. Equipment is optional.

Good for: Athletes, Mixed Level Intermediate Groups

Learn More About the Challenge

Spark Fit Beginner Program

This 6 week HIIT program is for anyone who truly wants to commit to a more active lifestyle, but is worried that they lack the conditioning or skills to dive in all at once. 

Good for: Beginners, Families, Boomers, Coworkers or Mixed Level Groups

Learn More About Spark Fit

Flash Fit Int. to Advanced Program

This 12 week HIIT program is designed for people that want to maximize results with a full plan. This program incorporates dumbbells for resistance training.

Good for: Millennials, Athletes, Intermediate to Advanced Fitness Levels

Learn More About Flash Fit

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

This HIIT program is suitable for intermediate to advanced levels. The timers are fast paced to get your heart rate up for intense cardio.

Learn more about the 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

21 Day Glute Challenge

Give your glutes the attention they deserve! This program is for intermediate to advanced levels but can be modified for beginners. Dumbbells and Resistance Bands Required.

Good for: Athletes, Millennials, Family, Boomers

Learn More About The Challenge

Scorch Fit Intermediate Low Impact Program

Scorch Fit is a low impact strength program for people that want to focus on gaining muscle. Workouts follow a push/pull/legs/core workout split to carefully target muscle groups.

Good for: Millennials, Athletes, Intermediate to Advanced Fitness Levels

Learn About Scorch Fit

Rocket Fit for Kids

This 3 week HIIT program is designed for kids 8-15 years old. The workouts are short and use basic movements. These are great for the whole family.

Learn More About Rocket Fit

Mobility & Recovery Programs

Designed by a physical therapist, our mobility programs target specific areas. Improve range of motion, posture and stability. These routines are for all levels.

Good for: All Groups

Learn More About Mobility

Body Focus Workouts

Follow a program and add body focus workouts to your routine in order to target your goals.  We recommend one cardio workout, ab workout, yoga practice and one additional body focus workout per week.

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