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High intensity interval training with little to no equipment.

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Online programs for coworkers, families and friends to get fit together.

Easy to follow videos with effective 25 min workout videos for strength, weight loss and flexibility.

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Reach Your Fitness Goals With 25 min workouts

Burn Fat & Build Muscle

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a revolutionary approach to weight loss and fitness that alternates rest and exercise intervals to maximize fat burn in a short amount of time. Studies show that short HIIT workouts burn more fat than steady state cardio such as running.

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Keep Your Body Guessing

Every workout has unique movements and timers to keep your body guessing and your results coming. In under 30 minutes, you can get an effective workout - no gym required. The most equipment you will need is two dumbbells and a mat.

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Easy to Follow Videos

Play workout videos on a computer, tablet or phone. The video will preview a movement and then show a timer while you exercise. The only audio in the workouts are timer beeps so you can workout while watching TV or listening to your own music. Ready to start your first workout?

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Start seeing results with short, effective workouts that require little to no equipment.

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HIIT Programs for All Levels - 250+ Videos

Spark Fit Beginner Program

This 6 week program is for anyone who truly wants to commit to a more active lifestyle, but is worried that they lack the conditioning or skills to dive in all at once. 

Good for: Beginners, Families, Boomers, Coworkers or Mixed Level Groups


Flash Fit Advanced Program

This 12 week program is designed for people that want to maximize results with a full plan. This program incorporates dumbbells for resistance training.

Good for: Millennials, Athletes, Intermediate to Advanced Fitness Levels


30 Day HIIT Challenge

This program is suitable for all skill levels because it starts out with basic movements and incorporates more complex movements over time.

Good for: Coworkers, Athletes, Families, Mixed Fitness Level Groups


30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

This program is suitable for intermediate to advanced levels. The timers are fast paced to get your heart rate up for intense cardio.


Body Focus Workouts

Each week, you get to choose areas you'd like to work on. Complete one cardio workout, ab workout, yoga practice and any body focus workout per week.


Rocket Fit for Kids

This 3 week program is designed for kids 8-15 years old. The workouts are short and use basic movements. These are great for the whole family.


What's so great about our workouts?

"I wondered if I had worked hard enough until I woke up the next morning and could hardly move! I'm looking forward to the other workouts."

– Amanda

"This workout was hands down more intense than a thirty minute run and was done in half the time. I feel great and accomplished after completing it. I really had to push myself through the jump squats. Those are tough. :grinning:"

– Susan

"My arms are like jello and my abs are screaming! Feels good though!"

– Ashley

"I have done many of these type of workouts before (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, 6 week 6 pack, 21 Day Fix, Insanity etc etc). These videos are by FAR my favorite. The videos are easy to follow and QUIET, no one screaming at me, telling me how quickly I will resemble them if I just push. Thanks so much Group HIIT for a consumer friendly fitness-focused series of workout videos.

– Kendall

"Amazing workout! Really felt this one in the lower body. Vertical jumps really get your heart racing too!"

– Livia

"Great cardio! Loved this mix of high intensity workouts. This is the kind that keeps burning fat all day long even after it's done. So sweaty right now."

– Jes

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