About Us

Group HIIT provides comprehensive workout programs for coworkers, families, friends and individuals.

Group HIIT Workout Team

Although the workouts can be done alone, we strongly believe that exercising with friends will push you to work harder, stay committed and have fun.  Each workout is custom designed by our personal trainer, Amelia, to work various muscle groups and maximize results within a short period of time. 

Group HIIT started out as a few coworkers whom wanted to team up to lead a healthier lifestyle.  We organized short but intense workouts to do in the office right after work - the most convenient time and place for all of us!  This resulted in a positive and comfortable environment to share knowledge and encourage each other to stay healthy. Soon, coworkers began inviting their family members, boyfriends & girlfriends, and even children to join our exercise after work.

In 2015, Amelia (left) and Marlena (right) decided to create Group HIIT to encourage more groups to workout together by providing an easy, affordable online tool. Amelia is a Registered Nurse and earned a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She specializes in weight lifting, youth health programs, and HIIT. Marlena has an extensive background in web based technology and design. Together, we're able to bring high quality workouts right into your home or workplace. We've changed the way families and workplaces think about fitness.

Now, we'd like to invite you to join us too!