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Follow along videos with tips on each movement. Group HIIT videos have no music and no talking so you can play your own music or one of our playlists. Group HIIT models represent a diverse range of body types and ethnicities to create an inclusive experience. SFW dress-code so there's nothing to focus on other than your workout.



"I have done many of these type of workouts before (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, 6 week 6 pack, 21 Day Fix, Insanity etc etc). These videos are by FAR my favorite. The videos are easy to follow and QUIET, no one screaming at me, telling me how quickly I will resemble them if I just push. Thanks so much Group HIIT for a consumer friendly fitness-focused series of workout videos." - Group HIIT Review

Florida, USA

"Started Blaze Fit today. It was SO good. Hard, but good. Having just finished Flash Fit, I thought I would slide right into Blaze Fit with no issue. Blaze is making me level up."

New Mexico, USA

"Amazing Workout. This was one of my favorite workouts offered by my employer! I'm recovering from a long health issue and am rebuilding my strength with these sessions. This was a great one to start off the day. I definitely felt it in my stomach and legs. All of the intervals were just the right amount of time and were easily transitioned to from one exercise to the next."


"I have issues with the pinforma/sciatic nerve and these poses have assisted me in gaining more movement in my left hip/thigh and helped with the pain. I will be continuing these yoga poses indefinitely as I haven't been waking in the night due to the pain associated with sciatic issues. Fantastic stuff! Thanks Group HIIT!!!"


"No messing around here- burpees, mountain climbers, and renegade rows in ONE workout. Holy---. Add the planks and this is absolutely one of my favorite workouts ever. I loved it. It's no joke, sweat dripping like I'm in the desert... I really love that I can play my own music with your program. It helps keep the motivation going. Thanks!!"


"I usually work late and don't have a lot of extra time at the end of my work day. 30 minutes of upper body and abs is exactly what I need... Challenging enough to make me sweat (a lot) but quick enough to allow me to have time to make a healthy dinner."

Georgia, USA

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Employees can login to using Gmail and most other identity providers. API Access for advanced integrations is also available. Have any questions?

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Direct Contact With a Trainer

Do you have questions on our programs or need specific advice? We’re here to help! Amelia is a certified personal trainer with over 7 years of experience. Your success is our number one priority. Contact us at any time so we can help you take full advantage of our programs and meet your goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, we can answer your questions. We will get back to you within 1 business day but usually within a few hours.

Built for Mixed Level Groups

Our 30 Day HIIT Challenge is the perfect place to start. We built it for mixed level groups so it can easily be modified for more or less intensity. Workouts are simple but effective in building strength and burning calories. Want families to work out together? Follow the Rocket Fit Kids Program to get everybody moving.

Little to No Equipment

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Play Workouts on a TV Using Roku®

Attach a Roku® device to any TV with HDMI and give every employee instant access to the Group HIIT Roku® channel in their home. 50 million homes already have a Roku®.

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Turn the Office Gym into a Fitness Studio

For under $30, a Roku® can transform any TV with an HDMI plug into an on demand fitness studio. Get instant access to 500+ Group HIIT workouts in your office gym.

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Group HIIT can be accessed via a browser from desktops, tablets and phones. Casting also available.

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