Employee Fitness Challenges
What's Included:
Unlimited Access to 600+ Workouts
✓ 9 HIIT Programs - Beginner to Advanced
✓ 80+ Burn Cardio Workouts
✓ 80+ Ignite Abs Workouts
✓ Warm Up & Cool Down Routines
✓ 30+ Yoga Practices
✓ Bonus Workouts
✓ Mobility & Wellness Routines
✓ 6+ new videos per month

Programs follow a day by day schedule so you don’t have to think about what’s next. Just login and press play! 
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Programs for All Levels

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Direct Contact With Our Trainer

Do you have questions on our programs or need specific advice? We’re here to help! Amelia is a certified personal trainer with over 7 years of experience. Your success is our number one priority. Contact us at any time so we can help you take full advantage of our programs and meet your goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, we can answer your questions. We will get back to you within 1 business day but usually within a few hours.

Follow Online Videos

Group HIIT videos are unique because they are quiet, clean and non-invasive. This makes them easy to integrate at home or work. You can play your own music or one of our playlists located at the bottom of each workout page. Find a space that gives each person about 3x7 sq. ft. of space, setup a phone, computer or tablet in the middle of the group and press play. You can also follow videos on your TV using Roku or Chromecast.

Nutrition Guide

A healthy diet will help you reach your goals. We don’t believe in becoming obsessive about the foods you eat but we want you to learn how to balance your meals so you aren’t undermining your hard work. Download our nutrition guide for recommended servings and guidance on how to track your macros. Check our nutrition pages for recipe ideas and send us your recipes to share. We post recipe ideas on Pinterest to inspire healthy meal choices.

Calendar Download for Each Program

Track your progress with a downloadable calendar. Keep yourself motivated by looking back at your accomplishments. Take notes on the workouts you liked or did not like. Every program comes with a calendar so you can print and hang it as a reminder to keep up with your workouts.

Body Focus Workouts

Our programs provide options for every fitness level and age group. With a membership, you get access to Flash Fit, Spark Fit, Rocket Fit, 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the 30 Day HIIT Challenge. Our programs require the following body focus workouts: one day of Cardio, two ab workouts and one Yoga session per week. New cardio and ab workouts are released every month so you can keep changing up your routine!

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