30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Is your number one goal to lose weight? It's the number one goal of our Group HIITers so we built this just for you! The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge is completely different than our other programs and has 5 workouts per week. The workouts have fast paced timers that keep your heart rate up and keep burning calories. Learn more about the challenge.

This program requires a set of dumbbells. We recommend 8-20 lbs depending on your strength level. You can use heavier weights to increase intensity.

There are five types of workouts each week:

  1. Monday - Fat Burner
  2. Tuesday - Cardio
  3. Wednesday - Strength 
  4. Thursday - Endurance
  5. Friday - Core & Stabilization 
  6. Saturday - Yoga
  7. Sunday - Rest

Mix in two Ignite Abs workouts or one abs and one body focus workout per week.

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