Group HIIT

Scorch Fit - 6 Week Low Impact Strength

Scorch Fit is a low impact strength program for people that want to focus on gaining muscle. Low impact does not mean easy! The program follows a push/pull/legs/core framework to hit each and every muscle in the body, increasing functional mobility and overall strength. Learn more about Scorch Fit.

Pace: Work on perfecting your form for each movement and then complete as many reps as possible within the interval.

Intensity: Low impact workouts that are an intermediate to advanced level.

Equipment: 2 dumbbells and a loop resistance band are required. We highly recommend a second set of lighter weights for some upper body movements.  Add heavy weights for lower body to increase muscle mass. Some workouts require a chair or something to sit on.


Monday: Upper Body Push Day
Tuesday: Cardio 
Wednesday: Upper Body Pull Day
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Core & Stabilization
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Rest

Mix in two Ignite Abs workouts or one abs and one body focus workout per week.

Download the calendar PDF to track your workouts.

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