Group HIIT

Freestyle Fit

Freestyle Fit is a collection of individual workouts that you can "create your own program" with. Just like our regular programs, you will find upper body, lower body and full body workouts here.

Recommended Schedule:

  • Monday: Upper Body Workout
  • Tuesday: Burn Cardio Workout
  • Wednesday: Lower Body Workout
  • Thursday: Rest or a 30 minute Walk
  • Friday: Full Body Workout
  • Saturday: Yoga 
  • Sunday: Rest

In addition to choosing 3-4 full length workouts per week, we recommend adding 2-3 body focus workouts per week. These workouts are shorter and should be added to the end of a regular full length Freestyle Fit workout. For example, if you want to improve your Glutes, follow a Lower Body Torch workout on Wednesday then choose a Glutes & Thighs workout to finish the day.

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