We have migrated active customers to a new subscription system. Your subscription and payment information is migrated. We need you to reset your password in order to log in.

Please note: If you have any issues setting up your password, please send us a message at contact@grouphiit.com. If you are on a tight schedule and want to complete your workout, you can choose the "Groups & Students Login" to access the old log in screen. With this log in, you cannot manage your subscription but you can access the workouts.

We recommend following these steps on a computer if you have any issues on a tablet or phone. If you are unable to reset hiit password, you can clear your browser cache or try new browser. 

How to Reset Your Password:

  1. On the top of the website, click "Log in"
  2. Choose "Individual Login".
    Note: If you do not see this menu then make sure you are logged out of    the system before you start. After you click this link, press the back button to get back to this page. You can click here to log out.
  3. On the pop up, click "Forgot Password" located below the blue LOG IN button. (Set your language in the bottom left menu if you do not speak English.)
  4. Enter your email
  5. Check your email for a token. 
  6. Copy and paste the token into the screen, then set a password. If you have any issues resetting your password, you can try logging in with social media if your Group HIIT account email is the same as your social media or gmail account. 
  7. You should be logged into your account. Go to "Programs" to access workouts. You can also access the account screen by going to "My Account" and "Workouts & Programs". Note: If your Group HIIT account email is the same as your Gmail or Facebook, you can log in with those options too next time you log in.