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Back & Shoulders 06 - 7 min Back & Shoulder Shaping HIIT Workout

back and shoulder hiit workout

Start by warming up with one minute of jumping jacks. Stretch your arms and legs to prevent an injury.

Equipment: Dumbbells

Time: 6:40


Frog Jump, Push-up, Weighted Y Raise ,Overhead Press , Plank with Arm Circle, Standing Reverse Fly, Full Plank with Shoulder Tap

7 in 7! Shape and tone your shoulders and back with with this intermediate workout requiring minimal equipment. These 7 movements work together to build strength in your chest and shoulders, while toning your core. Add this 7 minute workout to the end of your regular upper body routine as a burnout round, or repeat two or three times for an effective HIIT circuit. Feel free to add more weight to increase the intensity.

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