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Blast Fat HIIT Workout with Weights - Endurance and Cardio

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Warm-up and stretch out

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Equipment: Dumbbells

Time: 15:00

Movements: Jump Lunge, Weighted Burpee, Squat Press, Pencil Jack

Try this 15 minute endurance cardio workout! Blast fat with this home workout that is fast paced and gets your heart rate going.

Burn calories fast and get your heart rate up with this cardio HIIT workout for home. This HIIT workout has four movements with back to back intervals and a one minute rest. It will also work your abs and shoulders. If you can't complete the full interval for Squat Press then switch to weighted squats.

Timer: 20s/10s 60s/10s 40s/10s 30s/60s
4 Rounds

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Done for the day? Follow this cool down.

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