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Full Body HIIT + Yoga to Ease into the New Year

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Full Body HIIT + Yoga to Ease into the New Year

Warm-up and stretch out

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Movements: Walking Lunge, Vertical Jump, Banded Donkey Kick Back and Out (Right), Banded Donkey Kick Back and Out (Left), Seated Knee to Chest Down Dog to Full Plank, Flutter Kick with Arm Circle, Flying Superman, Plank-up, Threading the Needle Single Leg Squat to Seated, Jump Climber, Scissors with Stretch, Hovering Crunch, Legs Up the Wall

Equipment: Dumbbells and Resistance Band Optional, Chair

Time: 22:35

This workout has 3 HIIT circuits to target each area of the body. Each circuit is followed with a Yoga stretch to relieve tension. 


Done for the day? Follow this cool down.

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