HIIT Plans for All Levels

5 HIIT Plans for Home and All Levels

Are you looking for a HIIT plan to add to your routine? Whether you're a seasoned HIIT enthusiast or a newcomer ready to embark on a transformative fitness journey, there's something for for everyone. These day by day programs take out all the guesswork. All you have to do is log in and press play.

Study after study keeps showing the benefits of HIIT workouts. Even short 1-10 minute workouts a few times a week can pay off. Here are some highlights of the benefits of HIIT:

  • Cancer Prevention: 
    Some studies suggest that regular HIIT may contribute to a reduced risk of certain types of cancers.
  • Telomere Lengthening: 
    HIIT has been associated with increased telomere length, which is linked to longevity and cellular aging. 
  • Anti-Aging Effects: 
    HIIT has shown potential in reversing certain signs of aging, both at the cellular and physiological levels. That's right, HIIT might just be a fountain of youth!
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health: 
    HIIT has been proven to enhance cardiovascular health by improving heart function and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Metabolic Benefits: 
    HIIT can improve metabolic health by increasing insulin sensitivity and assisting in better blood sugar regulation.
  • Weight Management: 
    HIIT is effective in burning calories and promoting fat loss, making it a valuable component of weight management programs.
  • Enhanced Fitness Levels: 
    HIIT leads to significant improvements in aerobic and anaerobic fitness, surpassing traditional moderate-intensity continuous training in some cases.
  • Time Efficiency: 
    HIIT offers time-efficient workouts, allowing individuals to achieve comparable or even superior fitness results in shorter durations.
  • Elevated Human Growth Hormone (HGH): 
    Short bursts of intense exercise, characteristic of HIIT, have been associated with increased production of human growth hormone, which plays a role in muscle growth and fat metabolism.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: 
    HIIT has shown to be effective in managing blood sugar levels, making it beneficial for individuals with or at risk of diabetes.
  • Increased Fat Oxidation: 
    HIIT enhances the body's ability to oxidize fat, making it a favorable approach for those aiming to reduce body fat.
  • Improved Oxygen Consumption:
    HIIT improves the body's oxygen consumption capacity, leading to better endurance and performance.
  • Post-Exercise Caloric Burn:
    The "afterburn" effect of HIIT results in continued calorie burning even after the workout has concluded, known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).
  • Mood Enhancement and Stress Reduction:
    HIIT has been associated with improved mood, reduced stress levels, and better overall mental well-being.
  • Flexibility in Implementation:
    HIIT can be adapted to various fitness levels and easily incorporated into different exercise routines.


1. Spark Fit - Beginner HIIT

Duration: 6 Weeks
Equipment: None. Mat recommended

This program is for anyone who truly wants to commit to a more active lifestyle, but is worried that they lack the conditioning or skills to dive in all at once. In 6 weeks, this program will prepare you for more advanced programs by focusing on the most basic and common bodyweight movements. This builds confidence moving forward in your fitness journey. Perfect for beginners, boomers, families and anyone that wants to improve or maintain their health, Spark Fit is a great place to start an at home HIIT plan.

2. 30 Day HIIT Challenge

Duration: 4 Weeks
Equipment: None, Dumbbell can be added for more intensity.

Still not convinced that a 20 minute workout can get you the results you want? Is a three month commitment daunting? Try the 30 Day HIIT Challenge! This program is suitable for all skill levels because it starts out with basic movements and incorporates more complex movements over time. This program demonstrates our mission at Group HIIT to give you the best workout at any skill level, without equipment, in a short amount of time.


3. Scorch Fit Low Impact Strength

Duration: 6 Weeks
Equipment: Dumbbells and Loop Resistance Band

Scorch Fit is a low impact strength program for people that want to focus on gaining muscle. Low impact does not mean easy! Scorch Fit follows a push/pull/legs/core framework to hit each and every muscle in the body, increasing functional mobility and overall strength. This makes it great for people at intermediate to advanced levels that enjoy resistance training. Using dumbbells and resistance bands, the movements will create a deep, targeted burn for a balanced physique.

4. Flash Fit Strength & Cardio

Duration: 12 Weeks
Equipment: Dumbbells

Flash Fit is designed for intermediate to advanced levels and requires two dumbbells. Throughout the 12 weeks, this program becomes more challenging in three ways: complexity of exercises, altered time intervals, and increased cardio. Each workout incorporates both cardio and strength training. The cardio intervals sustain increased heart rate for consistent calorie burn and conditioning, to develop endurance and agility. The strength training intervals build muscle to tone your entire body. Every workout targets the core to burn belly fat and prime body for future fitness goals.


5. Blaze Fit Strength & Conditioning

Duration: 8 Weeks
Equipment: Dumbbells

Blaze Fit is designed for people looking to step up the intensity of their workouts or advanced gym-goers looking to incorporate high-intensity interval training to their routine. Each workout in this program can be accomplished in under 30 minutes with nothing but two dumbbells. This is our hardest program with challenging formats and advanced movements. These workouts have circuits that hit muscle groups in back to back intervals. Blaze Fit maximizes hypertrophy and calorie burn by incorporating strength-building, plyometric, conditioning and stability movements.

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