"I enjoy your workouts very much and they have helped enormously. I have literally gone from hardly being able to get up off the floor (after knee replacement and shoulder surgeries and several years of relative immobility) to being able to do your longest cardio workouts easily; all in a matter of a few months of 5 workouts per week as outlined in your 30 Day Weight Loss Program. Although I cannot do any explosive high impact movements, it’s been very easy to modify the exercises to low impact. I had never considered doing a plank I can do 2 minutes continuously simply from the 30 or 40 second exercises so often offered in your workouts, and have re-developed wonderful rotational movements that I thought were lost to me forever.

What I love most is the countdown clock...this got me from barely being able to breathe after just ten minutes to being able to finish just one more minute, then one more segment. I also love that I can do them in silence and really focus on my movements. Your program is very well thought out and presented."