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Effective classes for real people, with real people. No music. No talking.

Purchase passes for a group. The more passes you buy, the more you save. Once the passes are purchased, Group HIIT will send you (the purchaser) a code for your members to use during registration. Your members will not need to provide a credit card when they sign up. The pass duration will start on the day they register and expire at the end of the length of the membership (1 month, 6 month or 1 year). Each person that redeems a pass will receive unlimited access to all workouts on Group HIIT's website and Roku channel. 

Passes are purchased as a one time fee.

Looking for a single user subscription instead of a pass? Get started here with a 14 day free trial .

Membership Passes

Regular price$ 12.99

Pass Length
Fitness Pass
6 Month Fitness Pass
12 Month Fitness Pass

Easy 3 Step Process to Get Your Group Started

Get your group signed up within one day.

Buy More, Save more
1. Buy Passes

Purchase the number of passes you would like to have on hand.

Employee Fitness Challenge Passes
We Send You a Code
2. Share Your Code

You'll receive an email with a sign-up code to share with anyone you want to give a membership to.

Start When They’re Ready
3. Each Member Registers

Each member goes to grouphiit.com/join and registers as an individual. When they enter the voucher code, they are granted access without needing to add a credit card. Membership starts at that time.

HIIT Intervals


The membership starts on the day each member redeems their code and completes registration.

No, once passes are purchased, they do not expire.

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