Thank you for Starting a Group!

Your order is complete. We are setting up your group right now! You will receive an email with a link to share with your group members within 24 hours (but likely much sooner). The email will have a passphrase which each user will need for registration. Group members will only need to provide a name, email and password to sign-up.

Next Steps

Here are some tips for getting your workouts started:

  1. Choose a program that you will follow together.
  2. Choose a group leader that will check in with each person to make sure they are on track.
  3. Decide which days, if any, you will work out together and which days you will work out at home. If you live in the same area or work together, we recommend fitting in one at least workout together per week.
  4. Get your equipment ready.
  5. Choose a Sunday that you will start.
  6. Create a group text, email, social media group or DM chat so you can discuss your workouts. 
  7. The first person to complete the next workout can copy the link for that day and send it to the group. 

Access Workouts

You can now log in to your account and view the workouts. 

Manage Your Account

When a user signs up using your passphrase, the credit will be deducted from your account. If you would like to add or remove monthly memberships to your account, please contact us at

If you would like to cancel or change your membership, go to membership management.