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30 Day HIIT Challenge

30 Day HIIT Challenge

The 30 Day HIIT Challenge gives you a total body workout using bodyweight movements. Using high intensity interval training, you will experience short bursts of working at your maximum capacity followed by a rest period to recover.

This technique makes working out attainable for anybody! Research has shown that HIIT workouts target the fat sitting right under your skin. This means you will see results in your core area. 

The 30 Day HIIT Challenge uses challenging movements that increase strength and tone. If you want to focus on losing weight first, you can try our 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. 

Join the 30 Day HIIT Challenge and start a workout program you can complete at home or with friends and coworkers. No equipment is needed. There are a total of 4 workouts per week. We recommend working out together at least 2 times per week.

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Stop searching for workouts and start a program on Group HIIT with little to no equipment. Programs are specifically designed for each level and include hundreds of movements so you'll never get bored. Access cardio, abs and yoga videos in addition to program workouts.

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