Day 01 - Before Pictures & Measurements Sunday (Click here to read)

Day 01 - Before Pictures & Measurements Sunday (Click here to read)

Progress Pictures

The easiest way to track your progress is with pictures. Try to take one picture from the front and side each week. This will help you see the progress and keep up your motivation. Since you will be building muscle, weight isn't always the best measurement for success. 



If you want to track your measurements, here are some guidelines. The most important part of taking your measurements is making sure they are in the same spot each time. Take a photo to help you remember where you measured.

Take these measurements weekly.

1. Weight: Use the same scale each time
2. Waist: Measure at navel
3. Thigh: Measure 6 inches above knee
4. Hips: Measure across hip bones
5. Bicep: Measure half way between armpit & elbow crease

Groups - Getting Started

Before starting the program, decide which days you are going to workout together. We have found it’s easier to stay on track if your group commits to at least 2 workouts per week together. By together, we mean in person or at the same time from your individual homes/work places. Pick a team leader that asks each person if they completed their workout. Keep each other accountable! If you miss a day, just continue to follow the program in order.

Today you can choose what you want to do. If you want to push yourself, complete another Burn Cardio HIIT workout, take a 30 minute walk or do yoga.

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