Group HIIT

High Pigeon

High Pigeon
High Pigeon High Pigeon


High pigeon is a deep hip stretch.  Use props and modifications to support this pose as needed.  Begin in a table top on hands and knees.  For right side: Bring right knee to outside of right wrist.  Right shin will come across the body with right foot resting in front of left hip. For left side:  Bring left knee to outside of left wrist.  Left shin will come across body with left foot resting in front of right hip.  Do not sit on foot.  

Walk hands towards towards hips to lengthen torso upward.  Keep lifting through chest and crown of the head to avoid pressure on low back. Press back foot into the ground to create more space in low back.

Modifications:  If hips do not come to ground, place a folded blanket beneath lifted hip.  If this pose is too much pressure on hips, modify with supine pigeon.

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