Group HIIT

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Revolved Head to Knee

Revolved Head to Knee
Revolved Head to Knee Revolved Head to Knee

Extend one leg out at an angle.  Flex foot of extended leg to engage muscles.  Bend opposite leg and bring the foot to your inner thigh.  Lower forearm of extended leg onto the ground in front of extended leg. Lengthen the side of your torso (same side as extended leg) along the inside of the thigh. Anchor the body by pressing the bent knee down towards the ground.  Rainbow the opposite arm up and over as if to reach towards the extended foot.  Keep palm of lift arm turned down towards the ground and try to keep upper arm near the ear.  Stack the shoulders to keep chest facing forward.

Modifications:  If extending the top arm causes discomfort, skip this step and place hand on bent knee to help anchor the body.  

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