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We recommend starting with Flash Fit or the 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge if you are in relatively good shape. The 30 Day HIIT Challenge is tough and keeps your heart rate up to burn calories. It's a great program for groups because it requires no equipment. If you are a beginner, try Spark Fit to learn basic movements and prepare yourself for Flash Fit or Blaze Fit. Ready to push yourself to new levels with our hardest challenge? Blaze Fit is for you.

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Body Focus Workouts

Each week, you get to choose short body focus workouts to meet your personal goals. Most programs have a dedicated Cardio day. Choose any Burn Cardio workout or do another form of cardio for 30 minutes. We recommend at least one Ignite Abs workout per week and one other body focus workout for glutes & thighs, back & shoulders or biceps and triceps. Those workouts can be done after a regular program workout.   A yoga practice is recommended on Saturdays to restore muscles but yoga can be practiced every day.  

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Learn how to perform the movements in Group HIIT workouts. We recommend mastering a squat, burpee, plank and push-up on knees to start any program. It is essential to have good form on these movements to prevent injury. These movements are the building blocks for many other movements.

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Ways to Watch Videos

Complete your workout while watching TV or playing music. There are a few different options for streaming videos and music at the same time depending on your devices.

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