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Glutes & Thighs 06 - 7 min Round Booty Workout for Beginners No Equipment

Glutes & Thighs 06 - 7 min Round Booty Workout for Beginners No Equipment

Warm-up and stretch out

Start your workout

Start by warming up with one minute of jumping jacks. Stretch your arms and legs to prevent an injury.

Equipment: None

Time: 6:40

Movements: Pulsing Jump Squat, Side Squat with Leg Lift, Donkey Kick Out Left, Donkey Kick Back Left, Donkey Circle Left and Right, Donkey Kick Out Right, Donkey Kick Back Right

Modifications: Pulsing Jump Squat modified to Squat for a low impact workout.

7 in 7! Shape and tone your booty with this quick workout of seven movements in 7 minutes. No equipment necessary! Try it on its own, or use as a warm up for your leg day routine or your favorite Group HIIT lower body video. This workout is great for boomers, people that need a low impact workout and people that live in apartments.

Complete any body focus workout after a regular workout or instead of your ab workout for the day. You can also mix and match body focus workouts for a complete workout.

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Stop searching for workouts and start a program on Group HIIT with little to no equipment. Programs are specifically designed for each level and include hundreds of movements so you'll never get bored. Access cardio, abs and yoga videos in addition to program workouts.

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