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Full Body Cardio & Bodyweight Strength - No Equipment

Full Body Cardio & Bodyweight Strength - No Equipment


Warm-up and stretch out

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Half Burpee, Pulsing Squat, Marching Glute Bridge, Glute Bridge with Hold

Ice Skater, Lunge with Twist, Superman, Full Plank with Arm Circle

Highland Jack, Lateral Bear Crawl, Flutter Kick with Arm Circles, Push-up Hold

Modifications: Push-up Hold change to plank for beginners, Half Burpee: Step back each foot into plank position and step back forward to standing. Ice Skater can be changed to Jog in Place or Sprint in Place.

Equipment: None

Time: 27:50

This workout is proof that you don't need equipment for a full-body burn! Improve balance, engage core and tone legs and arms in under 30 minutes. There are 6 circuits including 3 back to back cardio intervals where you will repeat the same cardio movement.

This is workout #1 in our 7 Day Jump Start Series

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