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Full Body Strength, Core & Cardio with Intense Intervals

Full Body Strength, Core & Cardio with Intense Intervals

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Warm-up and stretch out

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Movements: Squat Jack, Single Leg Squat to Seated, Side to Side Hop (Hands on Floor), Slow Bicycle, In and Out, Asymmetrical Push-up on Knees


Squat Jack: Vertical Jump

Single Leg Squat to Seated: Squat to Seated or Squat without a chair

Plank up can be performed on knees.

This workout begins with Squat Jack which will warm you up for the movements that follow. The rest of the workout has a little of everything - core, cardio, and strength!

Equipment: Chair, bench or anything at comfortable seating height. The lower this surface is, the harder the movement will be!

Time: 23:40

This is workout #6 in the 7 Day Jump Start

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