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Day 12 - Legs - Thursday

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Time: 18:30


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love it

i love this workout because even if is short is very effective thank you

Pandemic s.
Always great

I've been a subcriber for about 6 months now and I rarely watch any other fitness programs. Between grouphiit and calisthenics I have gained strength, endurance and overall I look and feel as if I'm in the best shape of my life. Btw, it's always possible to pause the video while you switch moves, no need to go tripping over yourself or your equipment. Life will go on if you take a 15 second break rather than a 10 second one (or even a 30 or 60 second if that's what you need). You are still accomplishing something.


I see what you did!!! I loved the structure of this workout! First circuit, long sets, no weights. Second circuit, shorter sets but with Weights and Bands!! Loved it! I did a 12 min intense cardio before this so I started with my HR pumping but between that and this, it was a 400 cal workout. I also noticed that transition had to be quick between the clamshell and the plank/legraise so be ready with your band or bands if you need a different resistance in the two moves!

Rafael G.
Burn legs, burn

Variety and complexity in one workout. Nice job! Watch out for the transition time in the last circuit when you are leaving the banded plank with leg raise to move to calf raise in first position. You have to be swift :-)

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